About Me

I’m a freelance writer and commercial helicopter pilot.

I’ve been writing books and articles about using computers since 1990. I’ve written more than 70 books so far. (Don’t believe me? Check them out on Amazon.com!) I’ve also written hundreds of articles for magazines, Web sites, and my own personal blog, An Eclectic Mind.

I’ve been flying helicopters since 1989. (I don’t fly planes. I think anything that’s moving in excess of 50 knots when it lands is scary.) I have about 2,000 hours in helicopters and have flown all over the southwest.

What you’re reading here on my WordPress blog is a sample blog I created for a project I’m working on. It only includes a few blog entries — just enough to show off how WordPress works. My real blog, An Eclectic Mind, has over 1,500 posts, including dozens of stories like the ones you’ve found here. If you’re interested in helicopters, I hope you’ll check it out.


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